This resolution support area is available within all apiary workspaces for instances where there is a serious disagreement between the provider and the buyer.  While we do encourage both parties to resolve the situation themselves, there would be cases where the situation needs to be escalated to the Hivesource Support Team.  This support system should be used as a last resort should there be no mutual agreement between members.

The process works in three (3) steps:

  • 1.Party A submits a resolution support request to our team outlining the issue, providing any relevant evidence of the claim.
  • 2.Our team attempts to contact Party B at which point has five (5) working days to respond. If there is no response, any outstanding funds in the Hivesource system, is transferred to Party A. If there is a response, Party B must present their own report and evidence for their claim.
  • 3.Based on the reports and evidence presented of the two parties, the Hivesource Team will make a decision as to who receives the outstanding funds within the Hivesource system.

Should the matter be of greater complexity. We will suggest that it be escalated to your own legal counsel and dealt with outside of the site. We can only release contact information of the other Party upon a signed letter from your legal representatives.